Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best buys

I have thought about expressing an opinion about best buys or my favourite brushes in each price range. Looking through my reviews indicates what I think about each of my brushes. They are all good. I bought most of them because other people rated them highly. It is very difficult to decide the 'best' in each price range. They are all so different.
I have no hesitation in recommending the Vulfix 404 badger/boar mix as a brush for everyone to buy. It shows that you do not need to spend more than £10 to get a very decent shave using a brush.
If money is no object I can happily advise you to try a top Plisson, Simpson or Rooney. But don't expect it to be good value for money compared to the 404.
Real value in my opinion can be found in the £45 to £75 price range. These are perhaps where the real stars can be found. Brushes like the Savile Row 3120, Simpson Duke, Persian Jar Best Badgers, the Vulfix 2234, the odd Rooney and one of my special favourites the Kent BK8.

But I doubt two of us would agree!


  1. The 404 costs £42 on the vulfix website, did you mean less than £100?

  2. The 404 on the Vulfix site is their "Pure Badger" version. The 404 I am referring to is a mixture of badger and boar in the same handle. It's sold through other retailers. The best deal is from Diamond Edge in the UK. Still under £10.

  3. I want to upgrade from my BK2 to a silvertip. I think the BK4 is a bit floppy for me. What would you recommend? I want a versatile brush to face & bowl lather.

  4. I'm biased, but if you were prepared to spend about £55 on a Kent BK4, you should consider the New Forest 2213 for £36 delivered. A great all rounder.

    Copy and paste.

  5. Thanks. I think i'll push the button on a 2213.