Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Acca Kappa Silvertip

I bought this brush at 50% off the list price. It is beautifully packaged and presented on a plastic plinth for display in a collection. It is a soft silvertip with a zebra wood handle and  performs very well as a cream brush. Perhaps the loft is a little too high to give the sort of backbone preferred by soap users. This will stay unused in my collection until and unless curiosity gets the better of me.

I finally gave my little Acca Kappa a run out today. This is a soft silvertip 21mm knot with a 52mm loft. Feels floppy and soft. So I used it with my TOBS Mr Taylor and lathered up in a bowl and just used the AK as a paint brush. And what a delight it was! For floppy, read luxurious. Surely with this type of brush it just has to be cream, bowl, paint and it is then pure luxury. Enough lather for several passes and some to spare. This brush retailed at £120 and was on offer at TGS for 50%. Not surprisingly it has the best packaging of any brush I've seen - including High Mountain White and Rooney Finest. It's really a collector's brush. I'm keeping it - in my collection.

Knot 21mm
Loft 52mm
Handle 41mm
Height 93mm
Price £120

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