Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simpsons Astor Super

A limited edition to mark the 90th anniversary of Simpsons brushes. 90 made of an old Simpsons design using two band super hair. This is no 73.It has a faux horn handle and all engraving is in gold ink. Forget the collector angle - this is a superb brush. The 22mm knot head is large enough for anyone. A superb face latherer and a great all rounder. Priced at £180 it is more than a match for high priced Plissons and Rooneys. A truly delightful brush. It delivers.

Knot 22mm
Loft 52mm
Handle 56mm
Height 108mm
Price £180


  1. Hi Fido,

    Where can i find one of those Astors?


  2. Google "Simpsons Astor 90th for sale" They only made 90 but they come up for sale occasionally on shaving forums.

  3. What is a similar model and size is like the Astor

  4. Send an email to Simpsons for their advice. I have not seen a brush with similar dimensions and hair to the Astor.