Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Plisson European Grey

Knot 20mm
Loft 53mm
Handle 46mm
Height 99mm
Price £110

This brush looks good. But has to be the worst value brush in my collection. It is soft and floppy and almost as prickly as the pure black badger brush. Stick to lathering with painting motion and it will feel good. But if that is all you wish to do you can match the performance at less than half this price. The brush looks good and is an example of a popular grade by a famous maker so I will settle for it being a legitimate member of a collection. But for serious regular shaving it doesn't come near the quality of many brushes at much lower prices.


  1. how many brushes have you bought and how much have you spent

  2. Hi Jonathan

    I sold several brushes, and some don't feature on my blog. Roughly, it's about 65 brushes for around £3800.