Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rooney 1/2 Finest

This is one of the elite brushes made from rare high mountain badger hair. This may have been one of the last as it is no longer available due to difficulties of sourcing the hair.  It has the same handle as the Rooney Style 1 medium best badger and costs an extra £142 - for the special hair?
So one has to expect something truly exceptional with this brush.
The first thing I noticed was an overpowering smell of mothballs. Even after several latherings, it was still there. After several weeks, it finally went. And as you would expect, it does produce all the lather you need, very effectively.
Although"only" a medium 24mm knot size, this is a big brush with a 56mm loft. The tips are very soft. It has a reasonable backbone just about adequate to face lather with circular motions. But it's really best as a cream brush using painting motions. And it's excellent when you use it like that. But once you limit it to that it is no better than many other brushes you can buy for well below £100. But there is no doubt that is does have an edge over most of the competition. Although a very fine brush, it does come at a very high price that I suspect most people won't think is justified. But I'm pleased I have it in the collection.

Knot 24mm
Handle 47mm
Height 103mm
Price £190

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