Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rooney Heritage Stubby 2

This is a genuine all rounder. A firm backbone to lather from the hardest of soaps, yet soft tips. Excellent for face lathering in circular motion. Great latherer. This is a super badger brush from the Heritage range. Not easy to find in the UK at the time of writing. It is just a little too large for my personal taste. The smaller Alibaba 2 suits me better. It's also not great value for money. At this price, Simpson offer better alternatives.

Knot 24mm
Loft 48mm
Handle 48mm
Height 96mm
Price $154.99 USA

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  1. Hello Fido.

    There is Slow Shaving from TSR. I own a Rooney 1/2 Silvertip and I wonder about the diferences between my brush and the Stubby 2 because they looks very similars. What do you think about?

    Thanks for your blog, it helps a lot.

  2. The main difference is the density of the knot. The Stubby 2 is really too dense in my opinion. It loosens up a bit after use but remains tight with well below average bloom. When new, it's a solid mass of hair.

    Nice to hear from you on here!

  3. I find this kind of stuff about shaving very interesting. Nobody ever talks about the art of shaving. I've had a hard time with it ever since I was a teenager. I've thought about going back to straight razors and shaving brushes for a while. It's good to get your perspective on what type of brush to get. What you said makes sense. You wouldn't want a brush that's too stiff, but you also want one that has a good backbone. http://www.vintagebladesllc.com/shop/Rooney/