Thursday, February 18, 2010

Muhle synthetic silvertip

This is a synthetic brush claimed to have the characteristics of a real silvertip shaving brush. First, the basics. This has an excellent resin imitation horn handle. The brush fibres bear some similarity to silvertip but without particularly light tips. When dry, the fibres feel soft to the touch. The brush looks good, feels good when dry, has a nice springy backbone and creates superb abundant lather. Paint the lather on and it's effective. But the brush is a little stiff so doesn't feel as luxurious as a genuine silvertip. As long as you don't mind prickly tips it's good for face lathering with circular and scrubby motions.
This is a synthetic brush which does its job. But it is not equivalent to a silvertip. It may look like one, but it doesn't perform like one. If you have scruples about using animal hair it's a way in to traditional shaving. I'm pleased to have the brush as an example of a synthetic brush made by a top quality brand but it will not be used much in comparison to my badger and boar brushes.

The brush comes with good quality packaging and a tiny brush which I haven't tried to use - yet!

Knot 21 mm, loft 51 mm, handle height 47 mm Price 35 euros plus 7.50 shipping.

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