Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simpsons Polo 14 Best Badger

I ordered this directly from Progress Vulfix. I confess that I haven't used it yet. It would seem such a pity to disturb it. It is the largest brush presently in production intended for regular use. The quality is superb. The Best Badger hair feels as good as the Super grade. The shape of the Polo handle is not among the more popular in the Simpsons range but it is a very practical shape ensuring that not much lather needs get close to your fingers. It is a truly enormous brush that must overwhelm your face unless you are exceptionally large yourself. Until I test it, the brush will remain towering above the others in my display cabinet. Here it is alongside a Wee Scot.

Loft  57 mm
Handle 82 mm
Height 139 mm
Knot 34 mm
Price £214


  1. I have now used the brush several times. It really is too big for practical use, although, with practice one would find a way of using it effectively. Lathering cream in a large bowl then painting it on would probably be the easiest approach.It's got very soft tips and generates lather like crazy. It looks good on display among its Simpsons neighbours.

  2. After a bit more use I've now mastered this brush. Lather is whipped up in a bowl from creams then painted on. As I knew, this has become easier with practice. I need to use it some more to bring down the unit cost per shave!