Sunday, July 24, 2011

Introducing Fido's Shaving Brush Blog

Please note - every brush in my collection was purchased by me. There are no "freebies" here. Each brush has been used by me to enable me to write a wholly impartial review of how it has performed.

And there's more!


After completing this blog  I decided to use some of the knowledge I gained from my research and from using the wide variety of brushes described here. As a result, New Forest Brushes has now been established. The purpose of this venture is to enable me to design, have made and supply a small number of popular brushes that will meet the needs of enthusiasts at an affordable price. This is has been achieved by dealing directly with an established manufacturer, and a local craftsman and selling direct to customers. My brushes will be listed from time to time on the website below.

This blog makes no other reference to these brushes.

Blogs need to be read backwards, so it's a case of finding the oldest post and working back to here.
This is about shaving brushes in general and my collection in particular. I decided to assemble a collection of brushes across a range of prices and makers and brands, to provide some details about each brush and to express my opinions about them. Where I have found them, I have added links to other reviews to provide a more balanced assessment.
As with many things, it takes time to appreciate a shaving brush. As it gets used it settles down and you find the best way of using it to suit your preferences. So I will keep the blog updated if I discover new things about a brush. Treat all reviews with caution. I am judging brushes against my own criteria. After using many different shapes and sizes and brushes with different degrees of firmness I know what I like in a brush. I like to feel in control of the brush head. So I prefer smaller and shorter knots - no more than 22mm or much above 50mm loft. You may prefer larger, softer brushes - its all down to personal preferences.
I also like to feel I am getting good value. Brushes vary widely in price. And there isn't always a direct relationship between quality and price. But this too is a very personal thing. You pay your money and make your choice.
I hope you find something of interest here. I am not an expert. I don't go into great detail in my comments - just general impressions - you will find much more information in the many reviews to which I provide links.
If you have anything you would like to say, please do add comments to the post about which you have an opinion. It will be much appreciated - even if critical!

I love using my shaving brushes. Casting an eye over them to decide which one to use each day is part of the fun of this crazy obsession of ours.

Thank you for looking in.