Thursday, February 4, 2010

R A Rooney

Rooney is world famous and offer a wide variety of fine shaving brushes, many of which are a delight to use. So I was particularly keen to find out about where and how they are made. Using information available on the internet I was able to piece this information together.
This is what is said about Rooney on the only UK website that sells their brushes;

                                       Rooney history

On the internet forums there is speculation about the present nature of the production of Rooney brushes. The present owner of the brand keeps a low profile and has not directly commented on reports that brush heads and handles are imported from China and assembled In the UK to retain the Made in England label.

In this modern world it is surprising that there is sensitivity about where things are made. The famous icon of British Radio - Roberts Radios have been outsourced to China for many years without damage to the brand name.

Wherever and by whom they are made, they are fine brushes, if a little overpriced. More about that later.

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