Friday, February 19, 2010

Savile Row 3120

Out of the box and after use alongside an older brother, my shavemac 177. It is not surprising that it is widely thought that Savile Row brushes are made for QEDUSA by shavemac, the German brushmaker. Savile Row enjoy a reputation for outstanding quality and value for money. Some of their brushes are said to be rather soft and floppy. This isn't. At 20mm knot with a loft of 48mm ( Advertised as 50mm) it has a firm backbone which makes it a versatile brush to handle soaps and creams with equal effectiveness. The silvertip hair makes it soft on the face and it is a perfect size to retain control over face lathering. It is a third of the price of the same size High Mountain White Plisson. Yet it feels just as luxurious. If the Plisson is the Queen of my brushes and the Astor Simpson the King, this is the Prince. It's a pity it is only sold in the USA.

Knot 20mm
Loft 48mm
Handle 46mm
Height 96mm
Price $85 USA ( exc tax)

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  1. Nice series of reviews, Fido. Glad you tried the SR; the one highlighted here must be the new, lower-loft 3120, which I've been waiting to take a gander at. The earlier version was a favorite, and this new kid looks great in bloom.

    - Ron

  2. Thanks Ron

    In many ways, the fact that I have the 3120 reflects what I learnt from all the other brushes I tried. the 20mm knot/50mm loft is an excellent combination for a true all round brush which this is.