Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rooney 3/1 Silvertip

I show photos of the new and used brush - quite a bloomer, although I would not describe this as a floppy brush. It is an excellent all rounder generating lather with ease. Provides all the options for face and bowl lathering with soaps and creams. An ideal size, easy to feel in control with a nice size handle and brush head. But at £65 it's a hefty price for this size of brush compared with some of its rivals.

(The other brush is the Rooney Style 1 small size)

Knot 22mm
Loft 45mm
Handle 50mm
Height 95mm
Price £65


  1. Where can i buy one of these?

  2. Classic Shaving have some. But if you are not in the USA you will have to import and will probably have to pay the VAT and customs charges.

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    Also, Vintage Blades (in the USA too.


    No online retailer or shop in the UK supplies Rooney brushes. Identical brushes bearing the name of the shop can be found in some of the top London Barbers in the Jermyn Street area.

  3. Thanks for your swift reply

  4. Rapid response usually guaranteed!


  5. Can you compare and contrast Rooney 3/1 and Kent BK8? I'm interested in buying only one of those and it's a remarkably difficult yet important decision.

  6. Two different brushes!The BK8 is much bigger - good backbone though. Both brushes will serve you well.