Friday, February 12, 2010

shavemac 177

This is a Premier league brush. A silvertip. When dry, the tips feel a little course. When wet, they are soft and gentle. This brush is just firm enough to overcome accusations of excess floppiness. As with other silvertips it dispels the myth that you need a solid backbone to lather with soaps. I used it today with an old Yardley hard soap and it lathered superbly. Just firm enough for face lathering in circular motions it has a soft luxurious feel on your face. At 23mm knot it is plenty big enough. A truly fine brush from a great maker with an outstanding reputation for customer service.

Knot 23mm
Loft 54mm
Handle 50mm
Height 104mm
Price £75

Other reviews

"So what makes it the “perfect” brush- it’s soft- but not floppy, It's very easy to make a great lather with, its flexible- but not moppy. Dense enough not to deflect too much. Yet still cashmere soft on my face" Anon.


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  3. Now that I have moved on to establish New Forest Brushes I am leaving this blog as a reference source and will rarely update it. It includes a range of brushes still in production so I hope it continues to serve a useful purpose. Thanks for taking the trouble to comment.