Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vie - Long 16510 Silvertip Badger

This is an extraordinary brush. It has the softest, silkiest hair of any of my brushes. Moderate density allied to a 23mmm knot and 60mm loft ensures that it is exceptionally floppy and flexible. Look how it blooms!
This is a brush for bowl lathering cream users who simply want to paint on their lather with a soft gentle brush that is kind to the skin. This is not for face lathering if you want an exfoliating massage with scrubbing or circular motions.


  1. my vie long silvertip badger with beehive handle is super soft too. it really makes me wonder if any other badger brush can be better.

    1. Many people don't like soft brushes. Some prefer strong backbone and some prickliness - everyone's different!