Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rooney 3/1 Best

The 3 series are the all rounders of the Rooney range. It will meet the needs of the soap and cream user and be fine for face lathering or making lather in a bowl. This best badger is a fair performer but as with many UK Rooneys there is better value elsewhere. Vulfix and Kent have brushes that will outperform for less than £55.

Knot 22mm
Loft 45mm
Handle 50mm
Height 95mm
Price £55


  1. Hello Fido--which are the Vulfix and Kent brushes that you consider to outperform this Rooney for less? I'm looking for a great value and would appreciate your advice! Thanks -Jerry

  2. I'll respond after some thought, tomorrow!

  3. The Kent BK4 is an excellent quality silvertip although considered a bit too floppy for use with hard soaps by some but not by others.
    The Kent H8 is a larger and very effective Best Badger.
    The Vulfix 2234 Super Badger is also a fine all round brush equally good with soap and creams.
    Personally, I prefer all these brushes to the 3/1 Best and they are all a few pounds/dollars less.
    But none are better value or outperform New Forest brushes! If you want more information about those email me at NFB@padh.co.uk