Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kent BK8 Silvertip

The Kent sits between two Jagger silvertips - one medium, one large. It was my first good quality badger brush and it is still one of my favourites It is soft and looks floppy. But it doesn't behave like a floppy. It is surprisingly firm and great for face lathering with creams and soaps. This really disproves the myth that silvertips are not also capable of producing excellent results with hard soaps. It doesn't have the backbone of some of the dense firmer brushes yet truly is a great all rounder.But it is sufficiently dense to produce all the lather you need plus some more. A fine quality brush. It's the largest of my Kent brushes - I wouldn't want a bigger one. The BK12 must be a monster!

Note that all Kent brushes are imprinted with the Pure Badger mark. This is a silvertip!

Knot (my estimate) 27mm
Loft 55mm
Handle 55mm
Height 110mm
Price £80

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