Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vulfix 404 Grosvenor badger/boar mix

At £8, you have to have one of these, even if to just have one below a tenner. A very firm brush ideal for soaps it will turn in a display that will make you wonder why high end brushes cost so much. It has a nice robust handle of decent size and the quality looks just the same. Its just the knot that's different. A great little brush. I wrote a fuller review on TSR to which I provide a link below.

Knot 21mm
Loft 47mm
Handle 53mm
Height 100mm
Price £8

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  1. as it is made in the isle of man how can they print "made in england" not knowing much about the history of the isle of man should it atleast read made in uk /GB

  2. This answer to a similar question is interesting.

    I'm sure many people living there would insist they are not part of England. But some businesses find it useful to take advantage of their location and the confusion their special status creates.

    Isle of Man - is it in England?

    The Isle of Wight is an integral part of the UK and treated as part of England. Travelling there is just like going anywhere else within the UK.

    The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man have a status that can be a little confusing... technically they are Crown Dependencies. This means that they come under the Queen, but they are not part of the UK. They are completely independent and self-governing except that (and here comes the confusing bit) foreign and defence matters are handled by the UK as they are too small to do it themselves. An interesting feature is that they are not in the European Union while the rest of the UK is.

    So... the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are not part of the UK but the UK issues passports for them. The result is that a passport is not needed to travel from the UK to any of those islands. But because they are not in the EU, the single market in goods does not exist between the islands and the UK, you can still buy duty-frees, and you have to go through Customs just as if travelling internationally.