Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simpsons Chubby 2 Best

Here it is after being used a few times

This is an extraordinary brush. Superb quality. Like no other. Why anyone would want a Chubby 3 is beyond my comprehension. Unless a real giant likes to shave. And like other Simpsons Best grades it is soft tipped enough to make you question the need for anything more. This is the ultimate soap brush for a face latherer. Just swirl it over a puck and you will understand the use of the term "explodes with lather" Lather anyway you like on your face and enjoy the thrill of a masterpiece in action. Need I say more? Yes.
I have heard it said that there really should be a Chubby 1.5. This is considered too unwieldy by some while the Chubby 1 is a shade too small. I agree. Much as I love this brush I really do prefer to work with a brush smaller than this with which I can exercise more control. But I will include this brush among the few I will use in a rotation. I'll give it an occasional run out - it's such an experience! Do have a look at the other review below. I didn't have any shedding with this brush - an issue raised by the other review.

Knot 27mm
Loft 50mm
Handle 45mm
Height 95mm
Price £114

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  1. Did you find that this brush had a lot of bloom? I have read that the Super (3-Band_ brushes bloomed quite a bit in this model. I was hoping that the Best version as you show would have minimum bloom. Thanks!

  2. I have added photo above to show the extent of the bloom after using it several times. It has bloomed just a little more than my other Simpsons. I still love it! But steer clear if you are not too keen on large brushes.

  3. Great blog Fido. Curious. Been looking at the Chubby 2 for a bit. Some have recommended I go with the #2 XL. Any thoughts on differences, pros and cons between the two? Is the XL just a larger version?

  4. Do you mean the Rooney Stubby 2XL?


    Not a link, but you could access this review by Shaving 101.

    They are different brushes - I have not used the Rooney but it is probably more dense with more backbone - not necessarily better!

    Neither one can compete with the New Forest Tubby 2 for value!

  5. Hmm. Maybe I am mixing up two brands. Thought they made the chubby in reg and xl. My bad.

  6. The Chubby is made in three sizes - 1,2 and 3.

    And in Best, Super and 2 Band.