Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Plisson Pure

Knot 22mm
Loft 56mm
Handle 50mm
Height 106mm
Price £68

This is an unusual brush. Pure is the coarsest grade of badger hair so £68 is a hefty price to pay for such a brush. But this is a Plisson. This is simply a beautiful specimen. Photos don't do it justice. The brown/black hairs are topped by flecks of silver in the tips. The brush is soft and floppy but lathers well and if painted on will provide a sense of luxury. The tips are prickly but not uncomfortable when gently massaging with circular motions. I bought this brush from the viewpoint of a collector rather than a regular user. In that context I am delighted to have it. The Plisson handle and logo are very attractive and look good on display. But for serious regular use, there is much better value elsewhere.

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