Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vie Long custom Horse Hair

This is a limited edition brush for members of the Pogonotomy Shaving Forum.

After use

This brush is an extra hair horse hair brush with a loft of 52 mm and a 20 mm. It has a small acrylic handle, just 42 mm high with a 28 mm diameter.

The hair is very different to anything I've used before. It's not very dense yet it has a reasonable backbone with a 52 mm loft. When dry the hair feels soft and not prickly.

I have used the brush in a variety of ways including bowl and face lathering with both soaps and creams. The most striking feature of the brush is the amount and texture of the lather created. No doubt with more practice I could make a thicker and more creamy lather but my early efforts have produced lather rather more "fluffy" than with a badger brush - a bit like whipped cream. This is not a criticism - I like the lather and it works effectively.

By far the most satisfying way to use this brush is to make the lather in a bowl and to just paint it on. The handle is easy to hold and the brush hair is firm enough to ensure the brush is easy to control as you paint the lather on. When lathering directly on your face in circular motions the hair feels prickly, rather similar to some pure badger brushes.

While producing prodigious amount of lather, not a lot remains in the brush. That's why so much lather gets made in a bowl. I had very little lather left in the brush for my final squeeze compared with what I normally get with badger brushes.

Like any brush, it takes time to yield up its secrets. Once you figure this brush out it will serve you well. For those with scruples about the use of badger hair, this type of brush could prove a satisfactory alternative to boar and synthetic brushes.

Most horse hair brushes tend to have lofts in the 55 to 60 mm range - I may try one of those soon. This limited edition brush cost around £24 delivered. At the price it is good value.

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