Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Plisson High Mountain White

When handling this brush it feels soft and floppy. But when lathering on your face it somehow manages to have a sufficient firmness to make it a satisfying experience. This is the unique High Mountain White hair of the Plisson badger grades. If my Simpson Astor is my King of brushes, this little Plisson is a worthy Queen. Perfect lather with soaps and creams and just a great performer. It is incredibly soft and may not appeal to a hardened face latherer who prefers a stiffish brush for an exfoliating massage. Although it has a knot of just 20mm it has a relatively large head which is more than adequate. Outstanding quality. But a very high price, especially for such a small brush. Is it worth it?  No. But I'm really pleased to have it.  How could my collection be complete without it? I just paid the price and gritted my teeth.

Knot 20mm
Loft 51mm
Handle 46mm
Height 99mm
Price £189

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