Sunday, February 7, 2010

Travel brushes

I have never seen the point of a "Travel" brush. I just take out a couple of favourites and take them with me. Unlikely to include my Polo 14 but I have plenty that will do. But it seemed a good idea to add a couple more brushes to my Fido's Shaving Brush Blog. And here they are, the ones I bought on a visit to London.

This has a 43mm handle, 19mm knot, 43mm loft. It's a Super Badger, made for DRH by Edwin Jagger. Cost £50. The same brush with a higher loft can be bought direct with the Jagger logo for £32. A lot for a logo, but DRH is a fantastic shop in a world famous shopping location. As for the brush, typically soft Jagger hair makes it seem bigger than its size on your face. It performed really well and is comfortable to hold.

This is the TOBS version of a little Vulfix travel brush. A 20mm Super Badger knot, loft 43mm and a little handle 37mm high. A good performer although not so comfortable in hand as the DRH. At £39.95 including the case, not such a large premium fot the shop logo.

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