Thursday, February 18, 2010

H L Thater 4125/0 Chubby 1

The 4125/0 is a small high quality silvertip that was around £87. Handle just 42mm, 22mm knot and 48mm loft. Not a lot of brush for the price. The knot is dense and soft with more than adequate backbone. So this is an excellent silvertip that will handle creams and soaps alike. A pleasant size for face lathering. At first, I found the handle uncomfortably small. But as always, once you get used to a brush, it will generally serve you well. I'm pleased to have this in my collection. Once again - not available in the UK. So why make the effort to buy if a brand is not easily available? It's really not that good, and it's expensive. 

Just two final points. I was told before ordering this brush that the loft was 52mm. It's 4mm difference is a lot. It's a different brush to my expectation. I was later told that it should have been 50mm. That just doesn't tie in with the website data (Straight Razor Designs) The handle also had two specs of white paint which should have been spotted by someone at the factory before shipment. When you pay a high price for something you don't expect this. But it's still a fun brush to use.

Knot 22mm
Loft 48mm
Handle 42mm
Height 90mm
Price £87

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  1. I think you have a typo in the title for the number designation of the brush. The number designation is correct in the body of the review. I wonder if you were accidentally sent the 4125/00 brush. It is a shorter lofted version of 4125/0. I have owned the 4125/0, and it measured 50mm perfectly. Thanks for reviewing this brush.

  2. This company, still family-owned and with only a few workers, is on par with Simpsons in regards of quality and price. Quite strange that Thäter is still more of a sleeper amongst shavers. You will not find - my personal opinion - better shaving brushes out there.

  3. I can only comment on my one and only Thater brush. It is a fine brush but in my opnion the price is excessive compared with a similar size Simpson or Rooney for example.