Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simpsons PJ2 Super 2 Band

This for me is just about the perfect brush. Stiff enough to provide adequate backbone for hard soaps yet soft tips that have a luxurious feel during lathering. And just the right size.Another winner from Simpsons.

Knot 21mm
Loft 50mm
Handle 55m
Height 108mm
Price £103

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  1. Just found your blog, love it. I see the photo of your bookshelf lined with shaving brushes. Now I don't feel so bad having four!
    Paul in California

  2. Thanks for a look at what your extensive collection offers in your mind's eye. I have a small collection from the past thirty years that started with a brush still in the box that my grandfather gave me in 1966. After gifts and a few recent purchases I am trying to add range and quality. Best regards, Doug in South Carolina

  3. I have a feeling I might add to my collection as well!