Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brush density

Every picture tells a story. Here is the Simpson Duke Best and an Edwin Jagger Best.
Both have a 23mm knot. One cost £74 and the other was £36. The loft heights are 46mm and 54mm. A good example of a brush with a firm backbone and a floppy.

Density is mainly about the amount of hair in a brush but the firmness of a brush can also be increased by setting a lower loft. Dense brushes tend to be more expensive.


  1. Some guys did not know this, but the shaving brush is the pivotal element in wet shaving. Shaving brushes lift the facial hairs away from the skin, thus, helps to achieve a smooth shave with less nicks and cuts.

  2. Nice link!
    I see you are selling a Plisson High Mountain White size 12 for $360. The same size New Forest 2221 High Mountain Badger will be a lot less!

  3. Thanks, Fido. I added your blog on our Useful Links.